Monday, October 11, 2010

Saturday, October 9, 2010

how fast you were going

i didn't realize how much i missed fall break last year. last year, of course, i only had class three days a week and had 10 hours less of work/internship a week. this year, with my weekly schedule planned down to the minute, it feels really great to take a moment to breathe.

last night i flew into jacksonville, FL, and am currently sitting in the living room of my dad's new house here. we walked 5 blocks down to the beach this morning and strolled along in the surf and sunshine for a couple miles. i slept solidly last night, had a delicious lunch earlier today, and now i'm sitting on the sofa watching unc play clemson and we're up by 7.

i also took a shower this morning in the master bath and enjoyed the warm spray of eight shower heads. it was rather glorious.

the last 18 hours or so have brought a welcome sigh of relief. but now i'm sitting here, in front of this football game, and i feel so guilty for having 3 hours to spend just watching it. so now i'm blogging, and i have a novel sitting on the couch next to me. i'm also planning to run upstairs and get my book bag to see if there's any light reading i can get done for school next week. i've gotten so good at doing multiple things at once that i can't do just one thing, especially one thing that is completely leisurely. and that's fine--i enjoy being busy and keeping myself engaged on multiple levels. what's not fine is that i feel guilty about it. i should be able to watch my first football game of the season without feeling the eyes of my book bag staring down my back.

i think a lot of it, too, is weighing the benefits of taking a complete break for 3 or 4 days and then making up for it later, or instead trying to balance the work throughout the course of the week. maybe it's just that i'd rather not make myself miserable with work and sleep deprivation later.

another thing i don't like about being so busy is watching the weeks slip by and egging them on towards weekends and breaks. i really prefer to savor every day, but when you're going, going, going, from one end of the day to another--it all slips by with a woosh that leaves your hair blowing in its breeze. suddenly another semester will be gone and my time at candler will be half over.

wow, it's funny how slowing down can make you realize how fast you were going. here's to a weekend at something of a a slower pace.