Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Day 24: On Slacking Off....

I have been woefully remiss. Lenten discipline fail. Having spring break fall within the season of Lent proved just as troublesome as the first UNC-Dook game falling on Ash Wednesday and Valentine’s Day falling on Lent day #2 (for those who gave up chocolate). As hard as this discipline has been for me, I also know that writing reflectively has been incredibly helpful and has opened a true lens of introspection that I desperately need. So this is me trying to jump back on the wagon of my Lenten discipline. (Bear with me: though spring break is now over, I’ve picked up another distraction along the way. A 6’3 distraction. Oh dear. )

Though it is in no way the same, here are the highlights from these days I’ve missed:

Day 16 (Mar 2)          
I successfully completed my first 10K! And in the snow, no less! This was a 2012 goal of mine that I rolled over into the new year, but I’m proud for finally pushing myself to do this and knocking it out of the park! I managed to run the whole thing and kept a much better pace than I anticipated. I know if I really commit to a training schedule, I could tackle a half marathon sometime in the next year. (Well wishes to two friends running a marathon this weekend!)

Sunday repost (Mar 3)
An old blog post (from 8-29-10) on the rhythms of running and of life

Day 17 (Mar 4)
Mom was in town for the weekend and we shared brunch at one of my favorite Atlanta spots. Nutella and banana pancakes FTW J

Day 18 (Mar 5)
A delightful day during which I met three friends for coffee/froyo/dinner back to back. I always love being reminded of the wonderful friendships I have built over the past 3-4 years in Atlanta. Also, all three of these get-togethers were with guy friends. I never used to have many guy friends, but post-seminary, I have a lot. Less drama. More honesty. I like it.

Day 19 (Mar 6)
A day at home. Got lots of chores done (amazing how satisfactory this can be!) and then made lasagna for 15 people! My small group came over for dinner and there is nothing more uplifting than a house full of dear friends, food, and good conversation.

Day 20 (Mar 7)
Mobile-bound! Addie and I drove down to southern Alabama to visit my former roommate and Candler bestie, Amanda (and her dear husband). We shared a pitcher of margaritas and swapped stories. I love falling back into the rhythm of a friendship so easily.

Day 21 (Mar 8)
Tour of Mobile’s hot spots with Amanda and Jody! It was a beautiful day and we spent a good portion of it outside. I love these two so much! And Mobile is a pretty fun town. One of the highlights of the day was seeing a movie in a downtown one-screen theater. We got there early enough to get the “good” seats—leather recliners right down front! Add to that a cold bottle of beer and some popcorn, and there isn’t much else I could ask for!

Day 22 (Mar 9)
Amanda and I spent the morning getting pedicures (always a treat) and then I said goodbye. It’s hard to only visit for a short while, but Addie and I had to get back for church on Sunday morning. The drive wasn’t too bad—just looong.

Sunday repost (Mar 10)
An old blog post (from 12-23-09), including another small town theater. 

Day 23 (Mar 11)
Back to school! 6am came early but it’s been nice to get back into the swing of things. I’ve been feeling a little under the weather the past few days, so getting going early on Monday was tough. After picking up some Allegra-D, it’s been a good week! I feel like we’re in the home stretch of the school year, as crazy as that seems. Granted, there is still a lot of time left before June. But our major breaks are over (we do have a long weekend for Easter), so in many ways it is just one big push to the end. Everyone keeps telling me how time flies after spring break. Hard to believe I’ll soon have my first year of teaching under my belt. It’s been quite a year—many transitions, of all sorts, but I am content and thankful as I sit here today reflecting back on it all—and that is a very good feeling J No matter the breakups, no matter the people who still won’t smile at me in the halls at school, life really is pretty good.